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The benefits of peptides on bones and joints

Why peptides are effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Peptides are more sensitive to repair and regeneration in osteoarthrosis, and are easier to absorb than other drugs, thereby promoting the regeneration and growth of bone cells.

Why are small peptides effective for osteoarthrosis?

Molecular peptides can achieve new bone cell regeneration, restore cartilage and joint fluid functions, and effectively prevent and recover osteoporosis. This kind of most direct bone regeneration ability cannot be achieved by any medicine.

Collagen is the main component of the cartilage in tendons and joints. It plays an important role in constructing cartilage tissue framework, supporting joint weight-bearing, and protecting and repairing damaged articular cartilage. Keep muscles and bones soft and elastic, strengthen their lubricity during movement and friction, reduce the incidence of arthritis, and avoid joint degeneration.

  • Small molecule active peptides promote the secretion of synovial fluid from synovial cells.

  • Small molecule active peptides promote articular cartilage cells to secrete collagen and repair damaged articular cartilage.

Summary: The joint capsule is filled with a proper amount of joint fluid, the articular cartilage is intact, and the symptoms of joint swelling, pain and deformation are alleviated.